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Benkei Hanawa
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花輪ベンケイHanawa Benkei









  • Unknown (Father)
  • Unknown (Mother)
  • Bull 125SF:
  • Dark Bull:
  • Manga: Wild Bull 16 Combo Attack
  • Anime: Bull Upper, Red Horn Upper, Tornado Bull Upper
  • Video Games: Lustful Rock
Debut (Manga)

Volume 1, Chapter 1

Debut (Anime)

Episode 1

Appears in

Anime, Manga, Movies and Video Games

Seiyū (Japanese)

Miyake Kenta

Benkei Hanawa (花輪ベンケイ, Hanawa Benkei) Benkei is a member of the Face Hunters, a gang of beybladers who are after the "Face" of a bey.


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[edit] AppearanceEdit


[edit] PersonalityEdit

He seems tough, but he is actually very kind. He also admires Kyouya very much, which causes him to tear up, or cry when Kyouya has his moments. He is a very determined beyblader, and doesn't give up easily.

[edit] HistoryEdit

Benkei was a former member of the "Face hunters" gang. He was then excluded when they found out that he had helped and trained Kenta Yumiya.

[edit] SynopsisEdit

[edit] AnimeEdit

In the Anime, Benkei is first seen in a gang called the Face Hunters, a gang of mischievous bladers who battle weaker opponents to steal their points. After Kenta had defeated his opponent in a beybattle, awaiting him were Benkei and 3 other members from the Face Hunters, ready to steal his points. Benkei pressures Kenta into battling him, and Kenta refusing to battle because what they were doing was wrong had no other choice. Meanwhile Benkei and Kenta battle and just before Benkei was about to deliever the finishing move, Ginga appears and interrupts the battle and saves Kenta from a brutal defeat. Benkei furious challenges Ginga and the remaining face hunters join into the battle to give Ginga a handicap. But Ginga easily defeats them and Benkei retreats, swearing that he'll pay Ginga back for what he did. [1][2]Benkei retreatingAdded by Hugamon79Benkei and the gang retreat to their leader Kyoya Tategami and tells him what happened. But Kyoya is not pleased that they lost and tells them that they should challenge Ginga again and defeat him with whatever means neccesary. Near the river where Ginga is taking a nap, he awakens to see Benkei and a group of Face Hunters, awaiting him to battle. Benkei takes Ginga to an old constuction site and he gives Ginga a 100 vs 1 handicap, and Ginga accepts the challenge. Ginga defeats Benkei and he retreats the battle field once again.

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[edit] MangaEdit

[edit] BeybladesEdit

Bull 125SF: is Benkei's first Beyblade in the manga.

Heat Letus: is Benkei's first beyblade in the anime.

Dark Bull: is Benkei's second Beyblade, was given to him by Doji . He uses Dark Bull in both the anime and manga. Dark bull is a balance type beyblade.

[edit] Beast/Finishing MovesEdit

Beast: Bull is the beast inside of his beyblade [3]352px-MFB Bull

Benkei's Bey Dark Bull Added by DranzerX13

List Full: Benkei's finishing move in Metal Fight Beyblade DS is Lustful Rock (ラーストフルロック, raasutofuru rokku)

Bull Upper: Benkei's first finishing move is Bull Upper (ブルアッパー, Buru Appaa) Benkei first used this attack on Episode 4 (anime).

Wild Bull 16 Combo Attack: Benkei's second finishing move is Wild Bull 16 Combo Attack (猛牛16連撃, Mougyuu Juuroku-rengeki), first used in the manga in chapter 10 (manga)

Red Horn Upper: Benkei's second finishing move is Red Horn Upper (レッドホーンアッパー, Reddo Hoon Appaa), first used in Episode 16 (anime)

Tornado Bull Upper: Benkei's third finishing move is Tornado Bull Upper (トルネードブルアッパー, toruneedo buru appaa), first used in Episode 19 (anime)

Maximum Stampede: Benkei's fourth finishing move is Maximum Stampede,最大スタンピード, first used in Episode 43 (anime)