Yū Tendō

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天童遊Tendō Yū







  • Unknown (Father)
  • Unknown (Mother)

  • Flame Libra:
  • Libra Judgement Flare, Annihilation Attack (with Aquila) -Manga-
  • Sonic Wave, Sonic Buster, Last Judgement Inferno, Sonic Shield -Anime-
Debut (Manga)

Chapter 10

Debut (Anime)

Episode 20

Appears in

Anime, Manga

Seiyū (Japanese)

Kaori Nazuka

Yū Tendō (天童遊, Tendo Yu) is one of Dark Nebula's henchman from the Metal Fight Beyblade anime, and manga series.


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[edit] AppearanceEdit

Yū has light brown hair, green eyes, pale skin and wears a white robe. He is about as tall as Kenta.

[edit] PersonalityEdit

Yū has a very happy personality as he manages to smile and laugh no matter what he's doing or where he is. He also loves food as he is frequently seen eating ice cream, pizza and various other items throughout the show. He is the #2 beyblader, behind Ryuga. He is the second player to defeat Ginga Hagane.

[edit] HistoryEdit

He also enjoys giving nicknames to most people (He calls Kyoya yo-yo and Benkei Benben)

[edit] SynopsisEdit

[edit] AnimeEdit

[edit] MangaEdit

[edit] BeybladesEdit

Flame Libra: In the anime, and Manga, Yū's Beyblade is Flame Libra. Flame libra is a stamina type beyblade. It is the sister of Flame Sagittario.

[edit] Beast/Finishing MovesEdit

Sonic Wave: Yū's first finishing move is Sonic Wave (ソニックウェーブ, Sonikku Ueebu) He first used this attack on Episode 21 (anime)
Sonic Buster: Yū's second finishing move is Sonic Buster (ソニックバスター, Sonikku Basutaa) He first used this attack on Episode 22 (anime)
Last Judgement Inferno: Yū's third finishing move is Last Judgement Inferno (ラストジャッジメント インフェルノ, Rasuto Jajjimento Inferuno) He first used this attack on Episode 22 (anime).
Sonic Shield: Yū's fourth finishing move is Sonic Shield (ソニックシールド, Sonikku Shiirudo) He first used this attack on Episode 40 (anime).
Judgement Flare: Yū's first finishing move in the manga is Judgement Flare (ジャッジメントフレア, Jajjimento Furea) He first used this attack in chapter 11 (manga). In the manga, Yuu refers to it as a "Dark Spin Technique".
Annihilation Attack: A combination attack of Yū's Flame Libra and Tsubasa's Earth Aquila. Annihilation Attack (全滅双撃(アニヒレーションアタック), Anihireeshon Atakku) This attack was first used in chapter 12 (manga). It is referred to as a "Joint Spin Technique" (合体転技, Gattai Tengi).